Nambucca River Restoration and Rehabilitation 

The Nambucca River Function and Water Protection Project is one of our current river restoration projects, and has been funded by North Coast Local Land Services.

Nambucca Valley Landcare has implemeneted a number of highly successul river restoration and rehabilitation projects over the last two decades. As part of a long term strategy to support landholders in managing a legacy of environmental and productivity issues associated with the health and condition of the Nambucca River, Nambucca Valley Landcare has repaired over 50kms of river using bed controls and bank stabilisation structures, fencing riparians areas to prevent stock access, and revegatiation. These projects have increased water levels along the river, provided habitat for fish, birds and other native animals, and improved the amentity of the river, while protecting our valuable agriculture land from further erosion.

River reach plans

A key component of our river work has been the development of river reach plans to identifty the condition and function of the main tributaries of the Nambucca River. With support from landholders and government partners, we have succesfully mapped Missaboitti Reach, North Arm Reach and South Arm Reach. Click on the links to access the river reach plans.

The river reach plans identify priority areas and are used as a basis to apply for funding for restoration works. Nambucca Valley Landcare regularly seek funding opportunities, and this site will be updated when they become available.

Beyond funded works, Nambucca Valley Landcare are happy to provide advice and guidance for landholders interested in improving the condition of their stretch of the river.

Nambucca River Function and Water Protection

The Nambucca River Function and Water Protection Project is one of our current river restoration projects, and has been funded by North Coast Local Land Sevices. The aim of the project is to further develop a plan for the protection and restoration of stream bed and stream-banks in a critically important reach for the water supply of the Nambucca Valley. The project focuses on 40 km of the North Arm of the Nambucca River, representing 60 land owners.

Along with the reseach and planning phase, the project will implement activities as prioritised within the North Arm River Plan.

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