Nambucca Valley Landcare is your local community-led initiative for a greener, healthier environment.

Who we are

When it was first formed in 1998, there were 32 separate Landcare, Coastcare, Dunecare and Rivercare groups in the Nambucca Valley, each relying on volunteers undertaking projects to improve the environment in their local area.

Nambucca Valley Landcare was formed to be an umbrella organisation, providing the necessary insurance cover for the smaller groups, helping groups with funding applications, supporting groups and individual landholders in the valley to deliver and report on their projects, running workshops and field days, for example plant identification, weed control, bush regeneration.

Nambucca Valley Landcare also took on responsibility for delivering projects of benefit to the catchment as a whole, for example coordinating Land for Wildlife, developing a resources for landholders, Indian Myna control, and working in collaboration with the local Aboriginal Green team to improve coastal habitats and the health of the estuary.

Nambucca Valley Landcare has also taken a more strategic approach to delivering on ground works by preparing river reach plans for the freshwater parts of the catchment, reviewing existing local plans and working with landholders to implement priority actions identified in those plans.

What is Landcare?

Landcare is an Australia-wide network of more than 6000 community groups and many thousands of volunteers. It is a unique partnership between communities, government and organisations that achieves great things for the environment. Landcare volunteers undertake a wide range of activities, including on-ground projects, research, and raising community awareness, and prove that together we can repair and viably manage our precious natural resources. Landcare groups are formed by people with a common concern about the quality of the land and water in their local region.

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Our Executive Committee

  • Chair: Sue Salvin
  • Vice Chair: Paul Schadel
  • Secretary: Craig Hart
  • Treasurer: Karon Snowdon
  • Executive members: John Poache, Logan Zingus,  Tom Macindoe

Our Staff

  • Local Coordinator: Ainslie Ashton
  • Office Administrator: Karin Brocker

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