Nambucca Landcare run an Indian Myna Program in the Nambucca Valley in conjunction with the Nambucca Shire Council. Please contact the Nambucca Valley Landcare office at Bowraville  for more information on available traps to lend. Or if you would like to make your own trap please see below for Cage Plans.


Whether you are thinking of taking up rural life on the mid north coast of NSW, or have already done so, it is often hard to know where to turn for information. There is an enormous amount of material available but unfortunately it is scattered across many organisations and in many formats.

The Rural Landholders Resource Kit pulls together basic information relevant to living on the land that is normally scattered across organisations in to an easy to use guide for landholders in the Nambucca, Macleay and Hastings valleys.

The kit briefly describes the natural resources (soils, water, native vegetation, pastures) and major factors that impact on them (climate, drought, fire, weeds) specific to our area, and also provides a guide to more detailed information to help you better understand your land and your responsibilities.


The Nambucca Valley Planting and Vegetation Guide is a free educational resource for urban, peri-urban and rural landholders for the selection and planting natives in all types of plantings areas and goals - for example riparian zones, screening and wind breaks, or native bird attraction . The guide also covers legislation, rare, threatened and protected species, weed identification and suitable native replacements. 

The guide was funded through the Australian Government. Copies are available at the Nambucca Valley Landcare office.